About Me

Warm Greetings!

I am so glad you’ve found my website! I hope you find exactly what you are needing for your homeschooling journey.

I am a stay at home mama who is passionate about home education. We’ve home schooled our three children for 6 years. One thing I discovered early on is that I needed a good planner; essentially a home school LIFE planner!!! I looked for planners online and also at home school conventions. I couldn’t find one that was perfect for me.

There were beautiful ones with a lot of pages that didn’t apply to my life. There were cheap ones with not enough pages to cover my life! So, I decided I would design my own planner that fit my homeschooling style and that organized the essential parts of homeschooling life for me.

I spent hours getting things “what I thought then” perfect. I was so excited with my planner! I showed my sister and she also got excited and said, “You need to sell this!” That started my next adventure; selling my planners.

Since then, I’ve made several sales and gotten wonderful feedback to improve the planner even more. It truly is an evolving planner! I know you’ll enjoy yours just as much as I do mine. 🙂

God’s Blessings!